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The Texas Memorial Illumination is not possible without the support and participation of hundreds of volunteers.

Our top priority from June through October is to sign-up as many group leaders as needed for the tasks.  Team leaders will be asked to provide names and signed releases from the individual volunteers prior to the event.

Volunteers are needed for the following tasks:

Total Number of Volunteers:  minimum of 100  volunteers to bag/box candles and minimum of 307 to set out total of 21,500 candles

20 groups of a minimum of 20 volunteers in each group

Each group will have a leader responsible for communicating specifics of the volunteer activities.

One volunteer can place approximately 70 candles.

Each group will be responsible for placing 1,050 candles (about 5.5 acres)

Groups will be assigned specific locations on the battleground for placement and removal.

Timeline of Tasks:

Oct 30 – 2-weeks prior volunteers will prepare candles in bags with sand and place in boxes

Location, time and estimated length of activity will be announced later.

Day of Event – Nov 13, 2021

Arrive at pre-determined location on battlefield

Follow detailed instructions on actual lighting and placement of candles

Attend Volunteer Ceremony and drive through prior to public.

Volunteer responsibility ends for this day.

Day after Event – Nov 14, 2021

Arrive at the battleground 7 a.m. to remove candles/bags by 9:00 a.m.

Instructions will be given regarding disposal.

*Volunteers will leave all candles and bag remains on the field ready for pick-up.

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Social Media Team
Public Relations Team


Sunset Ceremony Team
Set-up and take down sound-system

Parking Team
Direct parking for elected officials

Donation Team
Take donations at the gate from the public

Welcome Team
Provide hand-out at the gate to the public


Clean-up day November 14

Current list of participating organizations

Deaf Smith Chapter of the Sons of the Republic of Texas
Precinct 2 Veterans Coordinator
City of Deer Park
Travis Manion Foundation
Blue Star Moms
Connecting Dots
Channel 13
Honor Cafe
Cane Island Reenactors